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Key Benefits to Buyers Minimize

You get an expert in the home buying process to guide you.

We are seasoned professionals who can guide you in the home buying process.  We do this everyday so we know how to make the real estate buying process go smoothly.

What happens when you don't have your own Real Estate Agent?

Let's say you don't want to deal with a real estate agent.  So you drive around neighborhoods and you call the phone number on the 'for sale' sign in the front yard.  When you call that agent you are talking to the agent of the seller.  That agent has no loyalty to you.  That agent is the seller's agent and you are at a disadvantage because the seller has an expert on his/her side and you don't.  If you say the wrong things, it can put you at a disadvantage when it's time to negotiate a purchase agreement.

Indiana State Law and Agency

Indiana state law defines real estate agency as "a relationship in which a licensee represents a client in a real estate transaction."  When this relationship is formed and the real estate agent represents you, the real estate agent has a duty of trust, loyalty and disclosure to you.  Indiana state law goes on to define a customer as "a person who is provided services in the ordinary course of business by a licensee but who is not a client."  When you call the phone number on the "for sale" sign you are just a customer to that agent.  By having your own agent, your agent must fulfill their duties to you as defined by Indiana law.  Those duties are listed in IC 25-34.1-10.

You get an expert negotiator to help you get the most for your money.

We can help you negotiate the best price and terms.  Many times a seller has a fixed price in mind and it can be difficult to negotiate a lower price.  One way to overcome this is to request better terms.  For example, you can request that the seller pay some of your closing costs or provide you with a carpet allowance.  This keeps the price where the seller wants it but lowers the overall cost to you.

You get sorted lists of homes that meet your exact preferences.

You can define the basic criteria for the home that will meet your needs.  For example, the area of town that you prefer, the price range, the number of bedrooms and baths, and whether there is a garage and a basement.  Once a set of criteria is defined, we can perform a detailed search on the MLS system to generate a list of properties with those criteria.  This is the most efficient way to find properties.  Seeing a yard sign and then calling on that property is very inefficient because the house may be too expensive, have too few bedrooms or may not meet your requirements in some other fashion.

But the Seller's Agent Won't Have to Share a Commission so I'll Get a Better Deal (?)

Wrong!  The Seller and the Seller's Agent have a contract for a certain commission and that commission amount does not change just because there is a Buyer's Agent involved.  The Seller's Agent will simply get to keep the entire commission, but the Seller doesn't save any money at all.  So if your offer is being compared to another competing offer, the Seller has no particular reason to pick yours over the other offer just because you don't have a Buyer's Agent.

This is all at no cost to you.

When we bring you as a buyer, the seller's real estate agent will pay a portion of their commission to us.  This means that you don't have to pay anything for our services.  No conflict of interest arises because any seller's agent will pay us a portion of the commission so we have no incentive to sell you any particular house.  It is always to your advantage as a buyer to have your own real estate agent because you receive many great services at no cost to you.  There's no good reason to not have an agent on your side.

Key Benefits to Sellers Minimize

Marketing Expertise

Your house will sell faster for more money when you use Kline Properties to help you sell your house.  We will market your house using a combination of newspaper advertising, signs, flyers, open houses and the Brokers Listing Cooperative (BLC formerly MLS).  Your property will be listed in the local BLC, and for national marketing exposure.

BLC Exposure

The Brokers' Listing Cooperative (BLC) is truly the most powerful marketing tool available for real estate sales.  When your property is listed on the BLC, every Realtor in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area can find your property from the comfort of their office.  There are literally thousands of Realtors actively selling houses and they have pre-approved buyers.  

More Qualified Buyers

The fact is, real estate agents have the majority of the buyers.  Why?  Because Realtors provide many services to buyers.  They help buyers get pre-approved for a loan, they generate lists of properties that meet the specifications of the buyer, they take buyers to the properties to view them, they help the buyers make purchase offers, they arrange for property inspections, they come to the closing to answer any questions and they do all of this for the buyer at no cost to the buyer!  Smart, pre-approved buyers use the services of Realtors.  Realtors have the best buyers.  When working with a buyer the Realtor finds out their price range, the area they want to live, the number of bedrooms/baths, whether a garage/basement are important, etc, etc.  When a Realtor shows your home they bring buyers that are pre-approved for a mortgage loan and your home meets the buyer's criteria.

Real Estate Transaction Assistance

Here is a list of services that we will provide to you as your agent:

  • Ensure that the statutory disclosure requirements are made.
  • List the property in the BLC.
  • Place a yard sign and flyer box in the yard.
  • Advertise in local media and on the Internet.
  • Evaluate and negotiate purchase offers using standard forms approved by Indiana Association of Realtors in compliance with Indiana State requirements.
  • Help you to arrange for repairs that buyers may request. 
  • Arrange title insurance. 
  • Schedule the closing date. 
  • Attend the closing with you.
  • Anticipate and handle any hitches in the transaction that may arise.

We do this every day and so we will make the sales transaction go smoothly. You get the best price for your house. At Kline Properties we are seasoned professionals.  We setup rules to avoid 'leaking' information to the other side that would put you at a disadvantage when negotiating the price with a buyer.  Kline Properties has the background and skill to negotiate the best price for your house.

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